im such a linguistics nerd so i just started thinking of when you start talking to someone new online and you have to learn all their personal tone indicators and what :) or any other smilie actually means to them and how after a while you can tell when something is wrong just because they type something differently than normal and we all just learn and adapt to this type of communication so quickly to make these wonderful online friendships and its kind of amazing

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You can create a character and you can kill them in the most gruesome of ways.

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my favorite thing about liking sports anime is that i can get a favorite character without fearing for their death

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you know you ship it bad when you’re like

"oh look at them"

"in the same room together"

"not interacting"

"but breathing the same air"

"that’s so great"

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you really shouldn’t have

happy birthday to aoba, sei, and ren!!

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Discovery 4: flow

Sharpie and marker, 2014

by RelwotWerdna(Tumblr)

Characters of Kill la Kill

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Kids who choose to sit quietly in the back corner of the room by themselves usually have a reason for that and that’s usually because they like to work by themselves and i have never met anyone whose reason is “because I want the teachers to ask me awkward questions and try to get me involved in class”

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this is bothering me a lot

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"Well, I’m sort of an up-and-coming stray god right now…but I will someday stand as this land’s highest god!"

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